Low cost computer options

There is ongoing concern about access to technology for low income students and their families. Interconnection, the partner agency to which we send our surplus equipment, has refurbished laptops and computers are VERY low prices. Some are under $100. They do require low income status for the lowest prices.

They have now added an excellent connectivity service which includes a mobile hotspot and one year of Internet access. Another tab on their site shows items available to anyone, regardless of income. Options even include a Dell Latitude laptop, a model still in use at the college, with I7 processor!

Please help inform students of these options. The link to Interconnection is below. We have tested these links so you can even click them! As always, you can certainly copy them into your browser. If you would like flyers to post, do let me know.

Harriet Wasserman
Director, IT Services
Seattle Central College