Database Administration & Development

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Database Administration and Development

What You'll Learn Get Started

About the Program

Seattle Central College's Database Administration and Development four-quarter certificate program will train you for an in-demand career in technology. You will learn how to organize data, install database management software, create and secure databases and design database-driven applications.

Database Administration and Development students at Seattle Central College

Career Opportunities

Databases form the core of Business Information Systems and are crucial to most companies’ operations. In a small setting, one person might play several of the following roles, while in a larger company, several people might be assigned to each job.

  • Database Administrators specialize in installing and maintaining the database, including physically implementing the database on the server, backing up the database, disaster management, database security and database troubleshooting.
  • Database Designers create the overall structure of the database, often using specialized design tools. These specialists need to understand relational database principles and the client’s business model.
  • Database Programmers develop the middle-tier programs that validate and transform data. They also develop the user interface for the database.
  • System Administrators specialize in the connectivity between the data servers and other servers in a system.


Average salary for database administrators in Washington state – one of the highest in the nation!


Expected growth in job opportunities for database administrators by 2024.

Gainful Employment

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My classes have been really informative and my instructors are really cool. Most of them are close to my age, so we have a lot to talk about. Sometime’s it’s easier to talk to people with similar experiences in life.

Al Wiley, veteran IT student

Al Wiley is a Veteran studying IT at Seattle Central College


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