Database Administration & Development - What You'll Learn

Designed with input from industry experts, the Database Administration & Development certificate from Seattle Central College will help prepare you for a career as a Database Administrator, Database Designer, Security Administrator, Systems Administrator and more.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

  1. Design and model relational databases, documenting database structures and rules
  2. Perform basic administrative functions such as using tools and SQL to maintain and retrieve data, and performing security administration to protect data integrity
  3. Development database with a variety current industry software applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL, on a variety of operating system platforms like Microsoft Windows and Server
  4. Provide and support client interfaces for a database with a variety of programming languages in the .NET and open source languages.
  5. Identify and utilize sources of information to research technical specifications and solve technical problems.
  6. Communicate effectively with a wide variety of audiences using appropriate modes such as in-person presentation and electronic formats, incorporating relevant data from research and reports.

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