Programming - What You'll Learn

The Programming degree and certificate tracks at Seattle Central College were developed with input from industry experts in order to help students prepare for careers as Programmers, Junior Software Engineers and other related software industry jobs.

As a Programming student, you'll gain practical skills in program design and the development of web & mobile applications, as well as essential problem-solving techniques. By working with a variety of modern programming languages throughout your education, you'll be well-positioned for a wide range of career roles after graduation.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

Carry out project management skills related to programming such as:

  • Interpret and evaluate requirements for program projects
  • Develop detailed design specifications and test strategies

Communicate effectively with a wide variety of audiences using appropriate modes such as in-person presentation and electronic formats by:

  • Documenting application/website changes
  • Preparing and presenting physical, functional and technical specifications
  • Evaluating and recommending web hardware, software and third party solutions
  • Providing quality customer service

Implement software development technologies required of programmers through the use of:

  • Programming languages currently appropriate to the information technology industry, such as Microsoft .NET, Java and PHP
  • Theoretical and working knowledge of the principles of programming
  • Various operating systems and computer applications such as Microsoft Windows, Android, Unix, Visual Studio and Eclipse
  • Research based user interface principles and standards

Learn more about the course planning for the Programming degree and certificate programs.