Web Design - Course Planning

As a student in the Web Design program at Seattle Central College, you will share many core classes with students in other Information Technology (IT) programs in order to gain a more complete understanding of what it's like to work as part of a web team on large-scale projects.

Web Design students have the option of earning a certificate or going on to complete an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree.


Students must meet eligibility to enroll in ENGL&101 Composition I and MATH 098 Intermediate Algebra. These courses do not have to be taken to complete the certificate.Prior to enrolling in the Web Design program, you should complete the following courses with a minimum grade of a 2.0 GPA.

IT 100: Information Systems Concepts
5 credits
Intro to computers and information systems, including hardware, software, data organization, data communications, systems development and the evolving role of computers in society. Waiver for prior experience or test out is possible.

Web Design Program Courses

During the program students will take classes in typography, Adobe Photoshop, user-centered design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, content management systems and more.

BTM 260 Project Management
5 Credits

IT 161: Web Authoring I
5 Credits

IT 164: Typography for the Web
4 Credits

IT 165: Photoshop for the Web
3 Credits

T 162: Web Authoring II
5 Credits

IT 163: Web Authoring III
5 Credits

IT 121 Introduction to Javascript
5 Credits

IT 166 Writing for the Web
2 Credits

IT 270 Content Management Systems
5 Credits

IT 171: Theory of Web Design
5 Credits

IT 172: User Centered Web Design
5 Credits

IT 174: User Research Methods
5 Credits

IT 289: Web Career Strategies
2 Credits

IT 286: Advanced Web Design
5 Credits

IT 261: Web Applications I
5 Credits

ITC 220 Database Development
5 Credits

ITC 197 Work Experience
1 Credit

Total Certificate credits = 72 (Not Including Prerequisites)

AAST-Degree - Web Design Certificate plus

  • BUS 240 Internet Law - 5 Credits
  • ENGL&101 Composition I - 5 Credits
  • HUM 105 Intercultural Communications - 5 Credits
  • MATH& 146 Statistics - 5 Credits
  • Natural World Science Course OR ICS Social Science Course - 5 Credits
  • IT 228 Capstone Project - 5 Credits

Total Credits = 30
Total for AAS–T Degree credits = 102 (after prereqs)

Class Schedule