About the Program

Seattle Central College’s Web Development program will provide you with specialized skills needed to build websites including current programming languages, content management systems, databases and web design.

Web Development instructor and student working together at Seattle Central College

Career Opportunities

Web Developers are the tech-savvy professionals responsible for making websites “go.” They write applications, design and interface with databases and create custom objects. They are problem solvers, who identify challenges and plan, test and debug systems and implement solutions. In Seattle Central’s Web Development program, you will gain the necessary skills to work as a Webmaster, Web Developer or Front End Developer by learning:

  • Project management for web and IT projects
  • Communications skills to effectively work in the industry
  • Technical skills and industry best practices

Fastest growing

8 of the 9 fastest growing occupations between the years 2010–2020 will be in the area of Information Technology.

Essential Education

In this program, you will learn how to use a variety of programming languages to create websites that interface with databases, 3rd party software and people viewing websites on various devices such as browsers, tablets and phones. Work in a development team to create a website for a live client. Areas of study include client and server scripting, programming, web design and databases.

Gainful Employment

Learn more about this program’s Gainful Employment information (pdf).

Gold quote from Web Development instructor

I see students in my classes that are serious about getting a better job. I know those jobs are out there. I love that I get to help them better their lives, and connect them with an industry that needs their skills.

Bill Newman, Web Development instructor

Bill Newman is a Web Development instructor at Seattle Central College


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