Web Development - What You'll Learn

Seattle Central College's Web Development program was developed with input from industry experts to help students prepare for careers as webmasters, front-end developers and in other related fields.

As a Web Development student, you'll gain practical skills in interface design, coding, database management and testing/debugging. By working hands-on with a variety of programming and scripting languages throughout your coursework, you'll be well-prepared for rewarding web careers in a wide range of industries.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

Carry out project management skills related to web design such as:

  • Gather data to identify customer requirements
  • Define scope work, reviewing technical considerations and constraints of projects
  • Select programming languages and tools
  • Evaluate web technologies and standards
  • Define security measures

Communicate effectively with a wide variety of audiences using appropriate modes such as in-person presentation and electronic formats such as:

  • Documenting application/website changes
  • Preparing and presenting functional and technical specifications
  • Evaluating and recommending web hardware, software and third party solutions
  • Providing quality customer service
  • Use team based collaboration tools like source control

Implement sites required of web developers through use of web technologies such as:

  • W3C standards, HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets, develop databases and supporting code in .NET languages and Java, client and server-side scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP, performing unit and integration testing.

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